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Made with both the customer and farmer in mind.

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Dutch Country Favorites

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Garlic & Herb Cheese Curds

Garden Lovers Special Seasoning on our all Time Favorite Dutch Curd. Our curds are small pieces of fresh cheddar before aging.

Natural Cheese Curds

Dutchman's All Natural Cheese Curds Our curds are small pieces of fresh cheddar before aging. They have a squeaky, fresh and

Sweet Bologna w/ Cheese Snack Sticks

The perfect blend of sweet bologna and cheese, now served in a snack-sized meat stick. - These are a must try, and

3 Year Aged Cheddar

3 Year Aged Dutch Cheddar Cheese

Extra Sharp Cheddar


Smoked Gouda

Try one of our best smoked cheeses. Smoked Gouda cheese is a sweet, Smoky, creamy, yellow cow's milk cheese originating



Non-hormone Cheese

Our cheese is made with the rich, creamy milk from happy cows, never treated with rBST.

From pasture to palate, our cheeses embody the happiness that comes from a life well-lived.


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Local Farms

We believe in supporting local hardworking farmers and dairies by using milk sourced from local farms in the southern Pennslyvania and surrounding areas.


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Happy Cows

We believe in ethical farming practices, and strive to maintain a culture of excellence in everything we do.

Its all part of cheese made with good, old-fashioned Dutch ethics.


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Our Values

At Dutch Country Cheese, we support local farmers by sourcing milk exclusively from local farms. Our award-winning facilities process the freshest ingredients for our cheese. We value fair partnerships, sustainability, and community support, preserving Dutch ethics for generations while providing your taste buds with an exceptional experience.

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