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Made with both the customer and farmer in mind.

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Garlic & Herb Cheese Curds

Garden Lovers Special Seasoning on our all Time Favorite Dutch Curd. Our curds are small pieces of fresh cheddar before aging.

Natural Cheese Curds

Dutchman's All Natural Cheese Curds Our curds are small pieces of fresh cheddar before aging. They have a squeaky, fresh and

Sweet Bologna w/ Cheese Snack Sticks

The perfect blend of sweet bologna and cheese, now served in a snack-sized meat stick. - These are a must try, and

3 Year Aged Cheddar

3 Year Aged Dutch Cheddar Cheese

Extra Sharp Cheddar


Smoked Gouda

Try one of our best smoked cheeses. Smoked Gouda cheese is a sweet, Smoky, creamy, yellow cow's milk cheese originating



Non-hormone Cheese

Our farmers promise to avoid the use of added rBST, a naturally occurring hormone in cattle.

It’s all part of cheese made with good, old-fashioned Dutch ethics.

Taste our cheese; you’ll buy it!

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Whole Milk Cheese

No reduced fat here! With Whole Milk cheese, we celebrate the complete package, full of glorious cream straight from the cow!

Taste it; you’ll buy it!

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Cruelty Free Farms

All good farmers strive to take care of their animals, and no true farmer ever willfully neglects or abuses his livestock.

Try out our locally produced meats and cheeses, made with good, old-fashioned Dutch ethics today!


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About Dutch Country Cheese

 Dutch Country Cheese was started by Dan Stoltzfus in 2019, and interest in his locally produced meats and cheeses has continued to surge. No matter how much it grows, the overall goal of Dutch Country Cheese remains the same: to promote local farmers’ products and support family farms. Also, our promise to you will always remain the same: quality products at a fair price. We stand behind what we sell and would like the opportunity to provide YOU with quality, local food. Buy Cheese and meat online TODAY to enjoy fine locally sourced meats and cheeses from Lancaster County, PA!

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