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    2 Year Aged White Cheddar

    2 Year aged Dutch White Cheddar

    3 Year Aged Cheddar

    3 Year Aged Dutch Cheddar Cheese

    3 Year Aged Yellow Cheddar

    3 Year Aged Yellow Dutch Cheddar

    Aged Yellow Cheddar

    Dutch Country Yellow Cheddar, meticulously aged for 12 months


    Sweet & Delicate Salty Cheese

    Breakfast Box

    Dutch Breakfast Box Pa Dutch Breakfast Favorites in a box. New for 2023 Breakfast Includes the following
    • 1 Whole Wheat Pancake Mix
    • 1

    Colby Jack

    Popular Marbled Jack Our Dutch Colby Jack is a combination of White, and Yellow Jack giving it an appealing look. Makes a

    Colby Jack Cheese Cubes

    Cubed Dutch Colby Jack Cheese

    Colored Muenster

    Dutch Muenster with the Annatto natural coloring on the outside. Available in 6 lb blocks only

    Dutch Swiss

    Dutch Swiss is a holey, firm, cheese with a rich creamy, and slightly nutty flavor. Why not give it a

    Ex Sharp Cheddar

    Premium Ex Sharp Cheddar Cheese. Dutch Country Extra Sharp Cheddar cheese truly is the Dutchman' s Special. With a good

    Ex Sharp Cheddar Cubed

    Snackables Cubed Premium Sharp Cheddar 4 oz pack.

    Farmers Cheese

    Our farmers cheese is a semi-soft cheese with a creamy texture and a mild, buttery flavor. - Try it today, you won't

    Garlic & Herb Cheese Curds

    Garden Lovers Special Seasoning on our all Time Favorite Dutch Curd. Our curds are small pieces of fresh cheddar before aging.

    Garlic Jalopeno’ Cheese Curd

    Dutchman's Special Garlic Jalopeno Cheese Curds Don't let the name trick you. You cannot tell that it has Jalopeno it has


    Dutch Gouda cheese is a sweet, creamy, yellow Cheese made in the traditional Dutch manner.

    Gourmet Cheese Box

    Now you can try multiple flavors at once with our Sampler Special! Packed with 6 blocks of our Dutch Country cheese,


    Dutch Havarti This semi-soft cheese is creamy, smooth, and supple in texture. Be amazed by how buttery and rich it is—perfectly

    Havarti Dill

    Never boring with a twang Dutch Havarti Dill Cheese Creamy, smooth, and supple in texture. Take a bite, and be amazed @

    Mild White Cheddar

    Mild White Dutch Cheddar with creamy texture, and flavor

    Mild Yellow Cheddar

    Dutch Mild Yellow Cheddar

    Monterey Jack

    Award Winning Dutch Monterey Jack cheese. It has a mild, buttery flavor and a pale-yellow color with a compact and

    Natural Cheese Curds

    Dutchman's All Natural Cheese Curds Our curds are small pieces of fresh cheddar before aging. They have a squeaky, fresh and

    Old Bay Cheese Curds

    Old Bay Deluxe Dutch Curds Our curds are small pieces of fresh cheddar before aging. They have a squeaky, fresh and

    Onion n Chives Cheddar

    Spring Onion flavored Cheddar


    Nutty, Bold, Complex. Perfect for grating, or shaving over salads, or chicken dishes.

    Pepper Jack

    Add some Zest to your meal with Our Pepper Jack Cheese. Made with a Jack base with a medium amount of


    Dutch Provolone - Fresh and mild in flavor, Try adding to your favorite sandwich for an extra burst of flavor.. Available in 6

    Schreiber’s White American – 120 Sliced

      Pre-sliced White American cheese, 120 slices per 5 lb block

    Smoked Gouda

    Try one of our best smoked cheeses. Smoked Gouda cheese is a sweet, Smoky, creamy, yellow cow's milk cheese originating

    Smoked Mild Yellow Cheddar

    Mild Yellow Dutch Cheddar with a tinge of Natural Wood Smoke

    Smoked Monterey Jack

    Award Winning Dutch Monterey Jack cheese With a bold touch of Natural Wood Smoke. It has a mild, buttery flavor

    Smoked Provolone

    Wood Smoked Provolone Dutch Style

    Smoked Sharp Cheddar

    Premium Ex Sharp Cheddar with a bold tinge of Natarul Wood Smoke

    Smoked Swiss

    Hardy Natural Wood Smoked Dutch Swiss Is firm, and slightly nutty with an amazing smoke flavor.

    Spicy Cajun Cheese Curds

      An Amazing Mild Spicy Cajun Cheese Curds Not an overpowering Cajun just a mild kick. Let them warm up to room

    Sweet Bologna w/ Cheese Snack Sticks

    The perfect blend of sweet bologna and cheese, now served in a snack-sized meat stick. - These are a must try, and

    White Muenster

    Dutch White Muenster Cheese has a mild flavor, and soft texture

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