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Dutch Country Cheese Sales

Dan Stoltzfus, the owner of Dutch Country Cheese Sales, grew up on a dairy farm in Lancaster County, PA. He worked for years as a dealer in dairy cattle and was always interested in local farms and their operations. This led to his becoming involved in a small co-op, Lanco-Pennland, which started in Lancaster County, PA in 1997 with 50 Amish and Mennonite farmers.

In 2014 Lanco-Pennland bought a cheese plant.

In 2018, as something of a hobby, Dan started selling cheese for the co-op as another way to promote local milk products. Strong customer interest quickly turned it into much more than a hobby, however, and in 2019, he started Dutch Country Cheese Sales, distributing meat and cheese to stores as well as making gift baskets primarily for the Christmas season.  By Christmas 2022 he was making 1600 baskets as holiday gifts.

By 2023, interest in his top-quality, local products was surging. Dan also began an e-commerce store in 2023 so that his customers could have a direct connection with his business on the website.

Solid Promise From Dutch Country Cheese Sales

No matter how much it grows, the overall goal of Dutch Country Cheese remains the same: to promote local farmers’ products and support family farms.

Our promise to you will also always remain the same: quality products at a fair price. We stand behind what we sell and would like the opportunity to provide YOU with quality, locally sourced cheeses and meats.

Drop us an email using the contact form below or give Dan a call today to enjoy the finest local meats and cheeses from Lancaster County, PA!

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